Random business musings: Man Lotion

Man Lotion Vaseline Men

Man Lotion – Vaseline Men

Perhaps I’m late in discovering man lotion. I saw this black container of Vaseline Intensive care on the desk of a colleague, at one of my corporate consulting clients. The bottle is a very masculine black, with white lettering. No frills or flowers…basic and bold.  One pump releases lotion inside that smells of “Old Spice” mixed with musky brown bear and the smell of your dad when he got dressed up to take your mom out for a night on the town. It is the personification of “hyper-manliness” in a body & face lotion.  At first I laughed at this rugged looking lotion bottle that was only a line extension of my lavender and berry scented hydrating cream. Then I thought about the brilliance behind it. This is Business Strategy 101: Market Segmentation and niche specialization by Vaseline. Man Lotion that is priced for the average consumer. Brilliant. It must be flying off the shelf. My boyfriend has always complained that regular lotion smells girlie…like berries, flowers and sugar. He usually buys the unscented brands. Well, now all of our problems are solved. Lol.

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