Internet round table hosted by NY State Senator Eric Adams

Senator Adam (NYS Senate)On October 5, 2010, I had the honor of attending an internet round table hosted by NYS Senator Eric Adams.  Attendees included Google, Yahoo, and the Motion Picture Association.  During the discussion, we spoke about proactive (i.e. education, parental monitoring and online tools) and reactive (i.e. legislation) solutions to combat issues involving harassment, bullying and copyright infringement on the internet.

Statement from Senator Adams: “Our State is challenged by the need to analyze and keep pace with emerging issues and changing technology concerning the internet. Oftentimes, proposed legislation and enacted law lag years behind real-world developments. It is essential that government leaders, especially legislators, be cognizant of and collaborate harmoniously and efficiently with the private sector to safeguard our citizenry and our commerce….” (click here to read more)

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