Remebering Haiti: One year after the earthquake

Haiti - 1 year later

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Haiti is an amazing Caribbean country with a strong cultural legacy and proud revolutionary history dating back to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.  Under the leadership of Toussaint L’Overture, a former slave and brilliant military mind, Haiti defeated Napoleon and liberated itself from France.  No other Caribbean nation achieved such a feat against a colonizer.  Over two-hundred years later, Haiti once again finds itself in need of revolution.  One year after the earthquake there is so much still to be done.  Dependence on global aid and political corruption have contributed to a vicious cycle of poverty that preceded the quake.  Last year’s natural disaster added further devastation to an already fragile economy.

Tent Life : Haiti

Tent Life : Haiti

However, glimmers of hope and change abound in Haiti, as captured in these recent photos by photographer Wyatt Gallery.  Gallery’s new book, Tent Life: Haiti, focuses on the empowerment and beauty of this country.  I believe that reconstruction and positive change lay just on the horizon for Haiti.  Haitians, both in Haiti and the diaspora, are drawing on their ancestral strength and will soon reclaim their legacy.

“…..Bêchons, bêchons, bêchons joyeux / Pour les Aïeux, pour la Patrie….”
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