An ode to Spring flowers

Spring Flowers 1 - Carla Franklin Spring Flowers 2 - Carla Franklin
Spring Flowers 3 - Carla Franklin Spring Flowers 4 - Carla Franklin

Spring flowers abound in the park,

Beside me my dog starts to bark,

Chasing pedals in the wind,

All around us they spin,

On a quest to chase squirrels she does embark.

Its Groundhog Day!!!!

Today we celebrate Groundhog Day….a special holiday of Pagan origins wherein a large, rotund rodent, native to the U.S. mid-Atlantic and mid-West regions, provides Americans with a mystical divination regarding the oncoming Spring Season.  The prophecy holds that a Groundhog who sees his shadow, will run back to his burrow, alluding to six more weeks of winter.  Otherwise, we in for an early spring.   I just heard that the most famous (and supposedly most accurate) Groundhog of them all didn’t see his shadow, so perhaps we are in for an early Spring?  One can only hope 🙂

Happy Groundhog Day everyone.