My Daily Beast Article: Busting a Cyberstalker: How Carla Franklin Fought Back—and Triumphed

In October of 2012, I was honored to have my fight against cyber-harassment covered by the Daily Beast.  I have since become an advocate for improvements in legislation and enforcement of laws already on the books, in regards to online harassment and stalking.


I remember feeling stunned, then sick. Sitting at my desk at a New York City consulting firm in 2009, I had randomly Googled my name. The jarring result: a series of strange montages on YouTube—all containing snapshots of me, along with the label “whore.” The photos, cobbled together from various corners of the Internet, were shots from a beauty pageant and a few acting jobs I had held in the past, when I was signed with a regional modeling agency. My mind raced. Who hated me this much to post these things? Who would call me a whore?  Read more here…

3 thoughts on “My Daily Beast Article: Busting a Cyberstalker: How Carla Franklin Fought Back—and Triumphed

  1. Listened to you speak on NPR and then read the Daily Beast article. I have felt the sting of rejection before and been upset, but I will never understand the obsession or fixation like you describe. I cannot understand why people believe they have the right to control others. I actually get irritated with these jealousy songs about failed relationships because it seems to feed this idea of a right to damage another person’s life or possessions. Nobody owes themselves to another person and real love doesn’t harm.

  2. I just read the article on the Daily Beast, and I want to thank you for pursuing this bully so relentlessly! A few years ago, my husband’s sister had a similar situation, and it was incredibly difficult to persuade her to even get an order of protection because she was convinced no one would take her seriously because he was cyberbullying her and leaving threatening voicemails, but hadn’t ever harmed her physically. You are an inspiration to women who are being stalked, and hopefully your lawsuit will be a warning to men who engage in these types of behaviors!

  3. your story sounds almost like mine except it is a girl and its my sons x gf I really need some info she has framed stalked harrassed broke into my sons email loaded up personal photos of mine to make it look like my son did it stole personal photos of mine from my computer and much more please help…

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